Database Migration for a Leading US Based Northern Hardwood Manufacturer

Database Migration for A leading US based northern hardwood manufacturer

Project Overview

The client required us to migrate their Human Resource Department’s entire database from a MS Access to a legacy system, also stationed on a MS SQL server.

business Challenges

  • Work coordination and general operations were in a state of disarray for the client’s internal teams.
  • The HR team had to gather data from different and scattered sources, making their work cumbersome.
  • A complete lack of reporting and query optimization


  • A meticulous data migration approach was put into place to import data from source to target.
  • Data was imported into target MS SQL server via an Open Source ETL tool, Talend.
  • The HR historical database was directly imported into the legacy system on the MS SQL server.
  • Site Scripts were written to merge various tables’ data into a single table by adding location identification and hash keys.
Software Solutions
database migration

Diagram: Data Flow

Tools & Technologies

  • Tool and Technologies: Talend, an Extract-Transform-Load Tool
  • Team Size: 2
  • Implementation Model: Agile
  • Engagement Model: Offshore

Benefits Delivered

  • After the HR historical database migration to a legacy system that serves as a central data repository, the teams are able to exercise operational efficiency because of easy and quick data sharing.
  • The centralised data repository in the form of an ERP eased the daily working of the HR team who were otherwise expending their work hours collecting data from different sources.
  • After streamlining the database architecture, the client is better equipped to utilise the ERP for drawing insightful reports for various analyses.

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