Facebook Leads Integration With CRM

Integrate Facebook with Your CRM

Never miss out on another lead from Facebook

As per the statistics, there are 2.41 billion monthly active users of Facebook by June 2019, and still increasing by a rate of 31% over year by year. These stats look huge and is growing everyday which makes Facebook one of the best platforms to approach leads, maintain a healthy relationship with a customer or in creating the excitement for brands. Facebook integration with CRM proves to be a boon in lead generation and conversion process. Our expert connects the Facebook integration with your CRM so your team can utilize this social platform to showcase the product.

Integrate Facebook with Salesforce

Salesforce CRM integration with Facebook brings a fantastic result in your sales graph. Your team gets notified with every post and search for lead activity. Determine the needs of leads by the action of the post-on-page. Engaging the customer with the brand always leads to better conversion rates. This integration gives the option to respond immediately on post, query, likes of leads. This improves the customer-brand relation and gains more trust.

salesforce crm integration with facebook leads
ms dynamics crm integration with facebook leads

Facebook leads Ad & Microsoft Dynamics

Facebook leads Ad is intended to generate more leads on this platform. It is much easier than other lead generation tools as it involves the visual clips and more engaging forms. Facebook lead Ads allow different device navigation so the organization can collect the data from cell phones, tablets, etc. It accumulates the data of potential leads at one place and sends it to your sales team in CRM.

Integrate Facebook with Zoho CRM

Facebook leads Ads integration in ZohoCRM enables you to connect with the lead and track the activity much more quickly. Your team can access the data directly in the Zoho CRM and determine the success of different promotional campaigns. It gives you the option to sync all the Facebook leads from ZohoCRM so your team can be saved from the hassle of switching the tabs and working on different dashboards.

zoho crm integration with facebook leads
suitecrm integration with facebook leads

Facebook leads Ad & SuiteCRM

Facebook plays a significant role in lead generation in all businesses. Generating the lead over Facebook can be easier with SuiteCRM integration. It is flexible, and it’s easy to customize mapping helps in getting lead information right into the CRM. Your team gets an update on every activity on your page by different leads. It gives the option to automate the notification of various fields and feeds so the team can send a response immediately. You can also automate the post or repost the timing of the new feeds using facebook integration.

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