How CRM Improves Customer Service in Healthcare?


A healthcare business relies hugely on positive patient experience and in order to achieve this, they work on providing them effective healthcare solutions and fulfilling customer experiences. In order to provide an ideal healthcare experience to a patient, healthcare institutions and providers are constantly working on understanding the needs of the patient and developing pain-free, efficient technology solutions as per their needs.

As the industry is growing at a rapid scale, it has become challenging for the providers to take care of individual patients through one-on-one care. In order to change this situation, technology solutions such as healthcare CRM (customer relationship management) systems are being implemented these days.

CRM Technologies for Business

Use of CRM in the Healthcare Industry

Having a well-built CRM system in place will allow healthcare medical teams to make use of patient data while creating long, meaningful relationships with them. It bridges the gap between the provider and patient thus, resulting in reduced costs, smooth services, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The healthcare industry can utilize the benefits of a CRM solution in multiple channels like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc as these solutions are affordable and can benefit in the longer run. Here are some of the advantages of using a CRM system in the healthcare industry.

Accurate Administrative Services

There are cases when a patient is made to switch from one healthcare facility to the other due to their own personal opinion or through the advice of the physician. In such times, the major problem that is encountered is the mismatch of medical data and reports as patients as well as the hospital entities both might have different files and during the process of transfer of the patient from one facility to the other, reports are misplaced too.

A CRM allows healthcare providers to follow a patient-centric approach for providing healthcare services and increase their customer satisfaction level. It can manage patient records and files at one place and provide the same set to the patient as well as the hospital facilities in order to avoid any discrepancies. All the records are gathered and placed in an error-free manner and therefore, the chances of errors are also decreased.

Achieve Higher Profitability

A CRM solution gives a 360-degree view of the patients to healthcare organizations. This information can be used to detect the needs of individual patients as well as to determine the profitability factors. Customers that could lead to more profits can be evaluated and organizations can work on building relationships with them. Through this targeted approach via specific metrics, healthcare organizations can make increase their profitability.

Provide Personalised Patient Care

Scattered data is a common issue that healthcare providers face and due to this, they often work inefficiently. Patient-related data can work as a great asset for a healthcare provider as it reveals patient history which can help them to understand the problem and provide better treatment. With a healthcare CRM, issues such as maintenance of patient records, meeting scheduling, etc can be addressed easily.

Moreover, maintaining patient data in a healthcare CRM will also allow providers to research the patient’s issues and history while learning the basic details about them such as age, gender, profession, etc. With this information, they can provide personalized healthcare options to patients.

Reduced Waiting Time

Many patients often complain about long waiting hours when visiting a doctor’s clinic. This ruins the patient experience as well as creates a negative image of the healthcare providers. However, with the aid of a healthcare CRM, patients can stay updated about their appointment schedules and even if the schedule changes, they are notified about it. Healthcare CRM also reduces communication gaps and allows patients and medical authorities to stay connected directly.

Healthcare Entities Using CRM Technologies

A healthcare CRM solution allows providers to maintain healthy relationships with their patients throughout their journey by meeting their healthcare needs effectively.  It allows them to reap tangible benefits by focusing on direct patient relationships. Nowadays, different facets of the healthcare industry are using CRM systems.

  • Hospitals– Apart from using CRM for patient data, hospitals are aiming to utilize the features of CRM for automating their marketing systems to increase patient reach and selling specific programs such as skin treatments, weight loss programs, etc.
  • Clinics– Healthcare CRMs are being used by clinics to maintain direct relationships with the patients and providing them personalized offers. Another way that clinics are making more use of CRM is by getting new clients through referrals.
  • Rehab Centres– Rehab centres are making the most out of CRMs by using them to maintain patient records and providing treatments to them according to their current condition. They also use them for providing easy accessibility to the patients that need urgent help.
  • Home Care Facilities– Healthcare CRMs allow home care facilities to create consistent and effective sales processes. They also help in tracking the data and referral sources of all the marketing channels.

Healthcare CRM Helps in Patient Management!

CRM Options for Healthcare Industry

With the advent of technology and its active use in healthcare facilities, many companies have developed successful CRM solutions for healthcare providers. Choosing the ideal CRM solution for your healthcare business can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is highly important to go through all the good options available in the market and then choose the right one for you. Here are some of the popular CRM solutions:

Zoho CRM

Zoho offers a CRM solution that allows you to manage your data in one place efficiently. It offers quality software for managing all your teams ranging from Social media marketing to accounting to PoS systems. Using Zoho’s features, you can get help in handling patient management through different steps such as acquiring the patients, communicating effectively and engaging for long term. The Zoho CRM solution allows you to connect customers through its full-featured solutions and provides an intuitive interface and appropriate pricing.

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce health cloud is another CRM option that is trusted by many healthcare providers as it allows collaboration of different internal departments in a smooth manner. It also allows providers to get a better understanding of their patients through their detailed data and create one to one relationships with them in the longer run. Salesforce health cloud also provides a unified view of the patient journey by unlocking data from the legacy systems and improves the engagement rate.


If you’re looking for a CRM option that helps you target your ideal audience through detailed data and demography, SuiteCRM is the appropriate option for you. It allows your marketing systems to access the CRM data for personalization of content and other marketing offers. Being an enterprise-ready, scalable solution for your healthcare business requirements, SuiteCRM can be customized to fit as per your future healthcare business process. It is an open-source CRM solution which is freely available to use and has zero limitations

Why Consult With CRM Experts?

With the latest technology embedded in the CRM systems, they can help your healthcare business to get more traction and provide quality services by eliminating the pain points. It allows your internal teams to collaborate and communicate across multiple different devices and maintain accurate patient data. Moreover, you can also use the insights acquired from a CRM to improve your marketing campaigns and patient treatment strategy.

In order to reap these benefits of a CRM system, it needs to be integrated properly in the first place. An ideal CRM integration will allow you to develop positive relationships with your patients and address their issues more effectively. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you with your CRM integration needs, our team can work with you to prepare an ideal strategy and use your CRM solution effectively.