MS Dynamics CRM for Photography Agency

MS Dynamics CRM Implementation for Photography Agency

Project Overview

SCENE TO BELIEVE was launched with the primary aim of setting enviable benchmarks in event photography and is currently recognized as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for event photography in Australia. The company wanted to build and improve on the business’ existing version of MS Dynamics CRM.

business Challenges

The objective of this project was to improve the current state of implemented MS Dynamics 365 to eliminate these challenges:

  • A direct connection to the company’s corporate clients and their shopping centre management via authenticated, data driven, branded web portals that can manage the co. via CMS.
  • Account Managers (AMs) can review data provided via portal prior to being written to tables in the Questionnaire or Order Records.
  • Workflow to generate second portal page for clients that have elected to purchase custom Fast Pass, Microsite or Photo Wallets (Selected in Questionnaire).
  • Client submission and approval workflow for product specifications and graphics, and subsequent conversion to actionable data in the Order entity in sections dedicated to product eg., Fast Pass, Microsite, and Custom Photo Wallets.
  • Conversion of data, graphics, equipment allocation, and Questionnaire fields to orders in the Order Entity i.e. creation of work orders for creative elements, hardware and logistics of all infrastructure delivered to shopping centres from the head office in Sydney to individual shopping centre activations in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Absence of a single platform to manage customer-contact profiles and customer/staff email notifications especially during peak season that saw 30k incoming support request emails; lack of customer support system to attend and log each issue with customer query records on MS Excel.


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM was implemented to manage customers, contacts, assets on a single platform.
  • We established a direct connection between the company’s corporate clients and their shopping centre management using MS Dynamics Portal with authentication and authorized data access for them.
  • Images from MS Dynamics Portal to CRM are shared using SharePoint in a secure mode; Azure Blob integration.
  • Call center queries were automatically captured in Dynamics CRM using Case Management; Phone calls are now directly registered as cases by CTI integration (Cytrack) within Dynamics 365.
  • Customers and contacts who were registered on the Customer portal were routed into Dynamics CRM and it became the central point of information for both.

Tools & Technologies

  • Tool and Technologies: MS Dynamics 365, SharePoint APIs, Azure Integration
  • Team Size: 2
  • Implementation Model: Agile
  • Engagement Model: Offshore

Benefits Delivered

  • Dynamics CRM is the central data repository for every employee of the company.
  • Complaint registration, information capture from Customer Portal, and project management are now automated.
  • Consistent, immediate, and automated customer support.
  • Operational efficiency has grown manifold.
  • Marketing and sales teams have access to real time data and are now equipped to take transformative decisions in short time spans.
  • Clients have smooth access to instant services on offer.

I am extremely satisfied with Advanz101 Jobs. They are a provider I would always recommend and look forward to working with again. Thank you.

Jamie Smith
Founder & CEO
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