Salesforce and Linkedin Integration

Integrate Linkedin With Salesforce

Harness the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Salesforce

With the integration of LinkedIn with your CRM, your team can track the lead activity on the platform right where they access their activities. They can access all the profile details, new searches, business circles in Salesforce CRM only. Here you can target the genuine buyer based on their business profiles. This creates a hassle-free sales prospecting experience for representatives. You can also automate the timing of import and export of data from CRM to LinkedIn Navigator.

Why Connect LinkedIn with Salesforce?

  • Gain valuable insight into buyers
  • Break the ice by mentioning Shared Connections and Recent Activity
  • Improve how you engage leads and contacts
  • With InMail improve response rates by 5x versus email
  • Target the right leads at your accounts
  • Tailor the Lightning experience for your organization
  • Ensure key Sales Navigator activities are captured in Salesforce
  • Save sales reps valuable time
  • Keep CRM pipelines updated from Sales Navigator
  • Create new CRM contacts from Sales Navigator

Enhance Your CRM Experience with LinkedIn Sales Navigator