Salesforce CRM Integration with Mailchimp

MailChimp Integration with Salesforce

integrate mailchimp with Salesforce CRM

Integrating MailChimp with Salesforce CRM can be done in two ways, one with MailChimp for Salesforce application, and the other is through in-built MailChimp integration. It simplifies the communication between Salesforce and MailChimp contacts. The integration provides you with the salesforce link on the import page to transfer the contact from CRM to Mailchimp. Also, it has a tracking option on the dashboard. You can enable this option for all the communication in Salesforce and track the activity in CRM.

Salesforce & Mailchimp Integration Features

  • Add Salesforce contacts to a Mailchimp audience
  • Add Salesforce leads to a Mailchimp audience
  • Regularly sync data
  • Create new Salesforce leads from Mailchimp Subscribers
  • View Mailchimp Campaign reporting data
  • Query Builder: Salesforce leads, contacts, person accounts, and campaign members
  • Data Sync: Automatically add leads and contacts as Mailchimp subscribers
  • Lead Creation: create Salesforce leads from your newest Mailchimp subscribers

MailChimp Triggers & Action

  • New Subscriber
  • Updated Subscriber
  • Campaign Sent
  • Subscriber Cleaned
  • New Campaign
  • New List/Audience
  • Unsubscription From Campaign
  • Unsubscription From List
  • Unsubscription From Audience
  • Add or Update a Subscriber
  • Get Subscriber Activity
  • Remove a Subscriber from Group
  • Unsubscribe from list
  • Search Subscribers
  • Add a Tag
  • Add a Subscriber to Automation
  • Tag a Subscriber
  • Add an Audience
  • Add a List
  • Remove a Subscriber from an Automation Email

Salesforce CRM Triggers & Action

  • New Contact
  • New Custom Object
  • New Lead
  • Updated Opportunity
  • New Opportunity
  • New Task
  • New Account
  • Updated Opportunity Property
  • New Event
  • Updated Lead
  • Get Opportunities of a Contact
  • Updated Account
  • Updated Custom Object
  • Updated Contact
  • Updated Contact Property
  • Updated Account Property
  • New Case
  • New Note
  • Updated Opportunity Stage
  • New Case Comment
  • Add or Update a Contact
  • Add or Update a Lead
  • Add or Update an Event
  • Add a Note
  • Add or Update an Opportunity
  • Add or Update a Task
  • Add a Campaign Member
  • Add or Update a Case
  • Search a User
  • Search Events
  • Add or Update an Account
  • Add or Update a Custom Object
  • Search a Lead
  • Get Account of a Contact
  • Add a Call Log
  • Get Contacts for a Opportunity
  • Search an Account
  • Search a Task
  • Search an Opportunity
  • Search a Contact
  • Search Custom Objects
  • Search a Folder
  • Search a Case
  • Search Campaigns

Integrate Mailchimp and Salesforce the Way You Want.