How Social CRM Helps Your Sales Team?


There is a different manner of doing business nowadays. Over the last few years, SocialCRM integration slowly abate traditional marketing method. As the customers now do business with concealed intentions, it is essential for brands to have an interactive approach that converts into sales. Our world population stands for 7.7.billion out of which 3.2 billion are an active user on social media, which almost give the penetration of 42%. In the last decade, the CRM industry brings a revolution in the name of Social CRM that accrue the sale rate.

As per recent study, ( over  34.5% customer-preferred social media platform to approach or verify the brand, 24.7% prefer live chats and calls and rest will go with mail and visits. Social CRM is the headway in CRM as it provides real-time data exchange, which improves customer engagement and trust bars.

CRM solution is not limited to only big business. With the culture of focus on customer experience, every trade lies in the same parameter, which makes CRM necessary for every business, no matter the size. Social Media monitoring helps in creating excitement for the brand; interaction becomes more personal and ends up improving the relationship with the customer. Social CRM is changing the way of dissemination. The earlier approaches were limited to the various ad campaigns where the brand talks to the customer, but it was only one-way communication. This situation is where SocialCRM comes to picture. It creates a platform where the consumer can respond in real-time, share information, and give feedback. It assists the sales team in fixing loops and keeping up in the conversion agenda.  It provides the internal CRM platform, which enhances team collaboration. Business silos have never been this amazing, as internal Social CRM provides the ability to “like “and “Follow” the comrade.

64.2% of companies using a CRM rate the technology as “impactful” or “very impactful” to their ability to produce excellent results and grow their businesses. (Source; )

Social CRM ensures every customer to be heard and assist. Today’s customer speaks through the post and listens through feeds. Hence, it is imperative to be available 24*7 to support them and enhance the customer experience that can flaunt on page timelines. It also resolves the problem of managing the man resource as it gives the option of automation of reply of standard messages.

40% of consumers expect a reply on social media within an hour (

Sometimes there are direct messages that do not require any reply nonetheless need acknowledgment. For example;

Consumer- “The new page layout was confusing but now I understand, seems interesting”

Brand- “ Hello [Name], Thanks for letting us know. Let us know how else we can help you.”

Let us now explore some of the social media friendly CRMs that helps businesses in creating an engaging customer experience.

Social Media friendly CRMs

1. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a complete social media management platform for businesses and agencies. Reviews on a social platform can be sale cataclysm, the last person who mentioned your brand can be your next loyal advocate customer or critics. Which is why you need to make every impression last longer and positive.

Zoho Social CRM helps you to automate the post updating depending on timing when most of your leads are active. The content calendar with the roster of post updating and other activity ensures the approach to be more appealing and newsworthy. It helps in monitoring the event and respond in real-time.

35% of user response to the Image post and 28% of them are more likely to inclined on Video advertisement  rest 21% and 16% engage via text and links Source: ZOHOCrm(

Zoho Social CRM is a tool, which gives best when it comes to various analytics reports that helps your sales team to understand the usage pattern and demands. Updating the post is not necessary will provide you with outcomes and lead generation, but the timing and ways matters.

ZohoCRM for facebook helps you suggesting the best time to post as per the previous post engagement. It allows you to decide frequencies and timings to republish the post, so the customers do not miss that. It is giving your sales team a key to open the doors of the potential customer by identifying responses, needs, and measuring the performance of the previous post. The teams can collaborate with their colleagues to initiate the discussion on reports or campaigns on brands. Zoho pulls out the details of leads on a social media platform and pushes that on CRM so the sales team can take follow-up. It allows you to build forms with the unique fields that give context to work. Zoho helps you in connecting with your lead on different social media platforms, to get more meaning and being in touch.

28% of sales reps and business development professionals are using social selling tools 3-5 hours per week, with over 20% spending 5-10 hours per week. (Source; ZohoCRM (

Social CRM Boosts Sales by 30%

2. LinkedIn Sale Navigator

It gives you the option to view all information on a single screen, so you don’t have to juggle between multiple tabs. Zoho integration accumulates the profile details, organization details, and recent activities at one layout. It pulls the standard connection with a customer like mutual friends, previous organizations, which helps in matching their needs with the product, resulted in conversion.

3. Salesforce Social CRM

As per “Second Annual State of service” report, 65% of 2600 customer service professional says “Our teams use social media to  reach out the leads” (

Salesforce CRM offers a combination of service cloud and Salesforce social studio. In this, customer care requests are sent directly to the customer service team, which makes the process more spontaneous. With Salesforce, you can assist your customers on all social media. 

Salesforce provides the option to track and manage customer contacts over the channels, so the team can give exceptionally better services and provide the real-time resolutions. Some 79% of Salesforce customers gave feedback on improved customer service, and 63% increased customer retention. As Salesforce offers the option to browse the customer history, the team can verify the demands of customers and help accordingly. 

The option of Use keywords, classifiers, and language detention gives assurance of work assigning to the right person, also offers the possibility of switching the channel to provide a better experience. With social CRM integration of Salesforce Customer 360, your team has backlog information of customers before sending a response. This 360-degree view of customer hierarchy with brand add extra points for the team in social media engagement.

4. MS Dynamics

Microsoft engagement brings social media at one single page layout for your sales team and customer service agents. The easy to understand widgets provide a better perspective for customer feedback about your products. You can configure the connection to Social Engagement, and add options of various options and form, give rights of the dashboard to the team. You can decide the style and layout of social data by putting different filters of search topics or different category wise. The social insights widget in dashboard and form provides access to data for wherever you work. You need to click on any widget to be redirected into a social engagement to explore the data any further.

Today’s customers make decisions based on brand images, recommendations, social media reviews. The experience of one customer can turn into a promotion for another. Microsoft Social Engagement lets you connect with your customers on every social media, so you can listen, analyze and strategize accordingly. It supports over 20 languages and covers- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  videos, blogs,  forums,  news syndication. The brand’s media presence increase using rich multimedia. It also gives rights to the team to assign posts, share profiles, and news feeds. It improves the collaboration of the group as a team can share the insights through dashboards. 

5. SuiteCRM

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.

SuiteCRM gives various options to stay connected with your customers on a different platform. So you will always be available for the customer not losing the single chance of a conversion.

The SuiteCRM provides you the option to send a text message by a simple click from the module. It allows you to schedule the date and time to send automated SMS. You do not need to create a separate SMS template as email templates can be used here. Your team can send an immediate SMS notification to the sales manager when a new lead is assigned or support engineer notifying of a new case. It is also used as a gentle reminder to the customer regarding the left offer or carts. Let us look at some of the social-media plug-ins for SuiteCRM.

Rt Gsync

This is the ultimate data syncing solution between SuiteCRM and Google services. By being in the google service domain, it gives the option of google cater, contacts, gmails, google drive, offering two way and priority-based data synchronization. Users can use google calendar to mark important dates and appointments, and it will appear in SuiteCRM. Likewise, if any contact, data,  email shared on google drive, it will appear directly in Suite CRM.

LinkedIn leads

This helps the team to save LinkedIn leads at one click into SuiteCRM and then manage the further process. It eliminates the copy-paste and increases the lead download from LinkedIn which also only on single click.

The Social Contact Ninja searches and accumulates all social media information on the web from contact and leads profile at your Suite CRM so the team can make trades for effectively. It provides the customer’s background data like name, office, profiles, date of birth, and usage history on various platforms. It also helps the sales team in getting the insights on preference and needs of prospects.

Galleria- image Gallery for SuiteCRM

This plugin helps you in uploading images and view them in the same gallery layout right within your CRM. Galleria has options to slide the icons and select one of them in between to see in the full-screen view. This enhances the look of the product you deal with, gives you a horizontal comparison, which can view in 2 or 4 column layouts. 

Social Login For SuiteCRM

This plugin of SuiteCRM allows the user to use google account to login into CRM. This saves the struggle of remembering the password of different credentials. Admins can manage the login /signup request as it provides the option of auto and manual approve.

Yathit Chrome Extension for SuiteCRM

It gives the combined advantages of SuiteCRM and Gmail integration. The user does not need to switch between tabs, to copy-paste the details as this plugin save information directly from Gmail to CRM. It means a quick process of editing the leads and their features. The team can use INBOX CRM’s menu to hide or display the fields.

SuiteCRM Social Leads Ninja

This plugin generates leads from social media like Facebook and LinkedIn contacts directly from the CRM. It imports the complete profile of leads, including personal and professional details at one click.

CRM Social Collaboration Ninja

This tool enables the user to calibrate on records in CRM. Through this, the sales and customer service teams can calibrate and discuss new or ongoing campaigns. The team can tag another user to send invites for discussion and send MOM points of conversion.

The Concluding View

If you are looking to optimize your customer relationship and aiming to turn it into a long term business collaboration, Social CRMs are the way to go. The social media CRMs have the power that connects brands directly with the right kind of audience. Not only this, the marketers achieve a comprehensive view of their prospects through which they can deliver well-targeted content. Social media CRMs are a rich source of data intelligence for organizations.