Starting Penny Sale


A bid service charge auction, which is also known as a pay-to-play auction, is a kind of all-buy marketplace where all of the participants need to pay a certain rate to put each bid through. The sell is normally run regularly, usually no less than ten mere seconds, every time the new put money is placed.

When you choose to participate in anything auction, you might be required to sign-up with the web page and provide a legitimate e-mail treat. This email address is required to make your put money on directly with the website. This signing up process is also to assure the site owner that you really want to participate in the auction.

Once you register being a successful bidder you will be asked to pay the bid amount before your estimate becomes powerful. You will also be required to provide a valid credit card number like a security evaluate so that your wager will be accomplished on time and at the best value on the amount you are willing to purchase each item.

Once the bidder’s bid is successfully submitted to the site, you will receive warning announcement via e-mail that you have earned. Once you have completed your repayment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your winning bid quantity. Thereafter the website will replace the website using your new successful bid and you may start to have a look at your things.

If you succeed a penny public sale and you would not place any kind of bids to the item, you should contact the site administrator for the refund. The actual cause of this reimbursement request will vary from site to site.

Good luck inside your next cent auction! Make sure to follow the rules of the site and don’t forget to study all of the info provided in its Terms of Service and Terms of Auction. Good luck!

*Note: For future biddings using a PayPal account you’ll be required to make use of a unique digital signature. For further assistance please visit the website’s FAQ webpage.