SuiteCRM Implementation for Retail-Supply Chain and Inventory Management of a Teleshopping Brand

SuiteCRM implementation for Retail-Supply Chain & Inventory Management of a Teleshopping brand

Project Overview

Our client, a growing teleshopping-retail business dealing in the sale of healthcare & wellness, prayer, and educational products was looking at overcoming disorganization due to mismanagement of voluminous and important data being generated on a daily basis. They wanted us to remedy inefficiency by initiating a cohesive system.

business Challenges

  • Apart from operational roadblocks, the business was also finding it cumbersome to manage the voluminous data churn in terms of Sales transactions, Purchases, and Inventory records.
  • Lack of Order and Supply Management, along with Warehouse and Franchise Inventory Tracking resulting in delayed order processing.
  • Lack of Order and Invoice Management, Delivery Status Tracking, Complaint/Feedback/Customer Service Interface.
  • Absence of Expired/Short Term Expiry goods’ management.
  • No monitoring mechanism for inventory distribution across channels.
  • Absence of any form of Mobile/Email Alerts, Triggers, or Notifications.


  • Keeping in view the aforementioned operational and managerial roadblocks, ADVANZ101’s CRM specialists suggested the management to implement the most popular, free, and open source CRM software – SuiteCRM.
  • Order, Inventory, and Product modules were implemented in the system, consisting of highly configurable kits, bills of materials, procurement, and purchase options.
  • Initiation of Franchise’s Stock Tracking in real-time for the optimized supply chain management.
  • The new system provides a real-time interface to order entry and inventory systems.
  • Analytical reports drawn from real-time insights help the brand, retailers, branch managers, and warehouse management to make informed decisions.
  • SuiteCRM now provides Alerts and Notifications with essential details at important points in the sales lifecycle to consumers (goods availability, shipping details, delivery tracking, etc) and logistics personnel.
  • A monitoring system now provides the authorized personnel timely alerts-notifications on Short Term Expiry goods/drugs to avoid inventory loss.
  • Customer Support/Complaint Resolution system implemented for effective redressal.
  • Reports and Dashboards created for intelligent interactions and better decision making with the feature of Slice and Dice data.

Key Features of the Solution

  • Search functions with multiple filters
  • Centralized Data Repository for structured data storage
  • Effective Data Management, Security, and Integration
  • Modules for Strategic Sourcing and Advanced Procurement
  • Jasper powered Real-Time Reports
  • Cross-functional Interaction Modules for Supply Chain Teams
  • Purchase Order and STN Tracking Modules
  • OTP based product approval listing
  • Mobile Alert Module for Customers

Tools & Technologies

  • Tool and Technologies: SuiteCRM, MySQL, jQuery, TIBCO Jaspersoft, JavaScript, PHP, and Amazon Web Services
  • Team Size: 7
  • Implementation Model: Agile
  • Engagement Model: Offshore/Onshore

Benefits Delivered

  • Post SuiteCRM implementation of our client’s Order and Inventory Management Process has not only streamlined but its efficiency has multiplied as well. This supply chain cohesion has led to improved supplier and stronger customer relationships for the brand.
  • ADVANZ101’s seamless CRM implementation put in place Multidimensional Inventory Management that has snugly fit the business process. The solution delivered is also scalable in nature, equipped to accommodate the managerial and operational needs of the brand’s growing teleshopping network.
  • The effective Delivery/Logistics and Supply Chain Management has resulted in thorough Process Control along with negligible inventory loss because of rigorous Drug and Goods Expiry Management.
  • Extensive real-time management of reports for analysis has positioned the top management better to take well assessed and sound decisions.
  • Real-time management of all Sales Operations including Purchase Orders, Returns, Stock Transfer Note(s), and Point of Sale has enhanced business effectiveness.
  • The capability to manage users to restrict the quantities of Controlled Drugs purchase has been systematized and simplified.

I am extremely satisfied with Advanz101 Jobs. They are a provider I would always recommend and look forward to working with again. Thank you.

Jamie Smith
Founder & CEO
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