How Zoho CRM Helps in Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Businesses all over the world are switching from traditional marketing to digital marketing to promote their brands and products through the electronic medium. Digital marketing helps you to make your business visible in the online world where your potential customers are spending a lot of time.

Importance of CRM in digital marketing

Internet is everywhere and hence customers can access your business website and brand from anywhere across the world. However, the question remains if the customers trust their brand? To promote brand and grow sales, every business should have a mobile responsive website and a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To trust your brand, customers seek relevant reviews, content, and communication. They look for services or brand which is well known and fulfill their expected needs and choices.

An effective digital marketing strategy requires a detailed analysis of targeted customers, their interests, and the kind of content they respond to. For these reasons, CRM tools are tremendously beneficial as they manage customer data and provide insights into customer interaction and needs. The integration of CRM with social media apps helps businesses to make better decisions by compiling customer data and driving sales. In addition, it is cost-efficient & active, so even small companies can afford it.

Zoho CRM Integrations for Digital Marketing Processes

Zoho CRM is a software that consolidates and stores all the customer details like contact information, browsing history, purchasing behavior, and interest at a centralized space. Zoho CRM integration with digital marketing tools will help to improve your sales and expand your business in numerous ways. Here we discuss some of the Zoho CRM integrations that assist with effective digital marketing

1. Zoho CRM and Google Adwords Integration

Companies use Google Adwords when they want their business website to appear at the top of the search results. Google Adwords use the keywords or phrases provided by you to lead the potential traffic to your site. Zoho CRM integration with Google Ads assists in tracking the exact keywords, which leads to each offline sales. All you need to do is import your marketing investments into Zoho CRM. When a potential customer visits your website by filling Google ad campaign web form, a lead is created in Zoho CRM. Then, by using the Google Ads Tab feature of Zoho CRM, you will have the lead information such as clicks, impressions, name, contact number, keyword, etc. These details help you to analyze the preferences and interests of customers towards your brand so that you can make strategic decisions for the growth of your business.

2. Zoho Google Analytics Integration

Companies are often not aware of the source that brought them the right customers and generated significant revenue. For this reason, Zoho CRM launched an integration tool called GA connector, which enlightens you with the source of the lead by importing the campaign data from google analytics into Zoho CRM. It is a two-way integration tool which means it enables you to analyze actual revenue by introducing data on closed leads from Zoho CRM to Google Analytics. You can use this information to identify the channels, which bring you valuable customers and also help you to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality leads. This information also helps in optimizing your website for those customers who are concerned about your brand.

Zoho for Social Campaigns

Zoho integrations with social campaigns aim to support and engage with customers on the social media platform of their choice. It allows businesses to resolve customer queries and issues by initiating customer interactions on a platform where they are more receptive. Companies need to have a consolidated view of all digital channels to attend customers in real-time. This view can be achieved by integrating their brand with social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. Let us look at some of the most effective social CRM integrations

1. Zoho Facebook Integration

Facebook Lead ads launched by Facebook allows customers to view your ad and fill a lead form without having to close their Facebook account. Its integration with Zoho CRM will help you to sync all your Facebook ad leads in one tool. It allows you to track leads easily by avoiding the hustle of downloading the CSV file every time you want to access the lead information. Also, it helps you to measure the success of your campaign with relevant statistics.

2. Zoho LinkedIn Integration - for LinkedIn social campaigns

LinkedIn is a channel that connects and introduces you to a good number of industry professionals. It helps you to target the specific type of audience based on company size, industry, job title, years of experience, etc. It is one of the best tools for B2B advertising. Integration of Zoho CRM with LinkedIn will help sales professionals to directly access LinkedIn profiles, activities, and networks of the prospects. It also allows the sales team to push leads from CRM to LinkedIn sales navigator, which will enable them to take a follow up by sending a message or mail.

LinkedIn has a feature called Sponsored ads that means you can add your lead-form within the feed of LinkedIn, which can be articles, images, or videos. Once the customer clicks on this image or video, their LinkedIn profile information is submitted directly into CRM. This results in a successful lead generation, and the customer does not even have actually to fill the form.

3. Zoho Whatsapp Business Integration

The end to end encryption feature of WhatsApp makes it different from other digital channels. Zoho WhatsApp integration is a very cost-effective approach, especially for small businesses that cannot invest in Google AdWords or paid campaigns. Zoho WhatsApp business integration will help companies to save essential documents and files sent by customers directly into CRM. The broadcast list feature of WhatsApp allows you to send direct messages of any offer or update related to your brand to leads through CRM.

4. Zoho Twitter Integration

What is better than understanding your customer needs before it is even demanded? To help with this insight, Zoho ContactManager’s account and Twitter integration come handy. It will allow businesses to pursue a proactive approach to understand their customers by following tweets, comments, messages, and posts about their brand on Twitter.

You can also engage in real-time conversations on twitter with multiple customers at once using ContactManager to resolve your brand-related doubts and queries. Zoho provides a feature called “Add keyword tracking for twitter” that enables you to add your brand-related keywords. This feature will get you all the related tweets under a social tab column.

5. Zoho Mailchimp integration

MailChimp is a cost-efficient email-marketing tool, which allows you to send email to thousands of recipients at once. On the integration of MailChimp with Zoho, you can use it’s in-built email templates for email marketing campaigns. MailChimp also allows you to make a different mailing list of recipients for different audiences. It also helps businesses to track the response of your campaigns.

6. Zoho Amazon integration

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce website among customers and businesses. Every e-commerce businesses use Amazon to sell their products. Zoho Amazon integration is the best idea for affiliate marketing as it synchronizes your orders and shipping information. It also effectively manage your inventory, sales & purchase orders. The new customers purchasing your product through amazon will be directly added to your Zoho CRM contact list.

Social CRM Boosts Sales by 30%

The Way Forward

Zoho CRM integrations provide immense benefit to launch a successful digital marketing strategy. However, it is always recommended to hire Zoho CRM integration experts because of their problem-solving skills, depth of knowledge, and focus oriented work. Their expertise in integration helps you to save your time. Our Zoho CRM integration Experts have a lot of experience which allows them to resolve every glitch that can occur during integration.