ZOHO CRM Migration

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ZOHO CRM Migration

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Ease of use

ZOHO migration services introduce businesses to an interface which is simple and straightforward, right from the terminology to the setup. The CRM platform is made for easy navigation, so that anybody can use it without assistance. With easier mechanisms to feed data into the CRM.

Increases efficiency with automation

The platform offers endless automation options like intelligent and comprehensive workflows and macros. It allows entrepreneurs, sales, and marketing teams more time to sell by facilitating lead distribution, process automation, automated call logging, etc.

Allows data centralisation

Everything you need to run your business can be integrated into your ZOHO account with external and internal integrations that fits your business into one system. With this the need to switch through five different screens gets eliminated.

Supported Modules

  • POST

Migrate Data From Major CRMs

ZOHO CRM migration is made easy with the Data Migration Wizard that ensures accurate data transfer while reducing the manual input. The import files are automatically mapped to CRM modules and import file columns to ZOHO CRM fields.

Salesforce to ZOHO CRM Migration

Before you begin the process of migrating from Salesforce, here are a few clues about the platform’s strengths and weaknesses:


  • Versatile platform laden with umpteen features
  • Add/Remove, customize features with respect to a business’ needs
  • Given the software’s mammoth popularity and market share, it is easy to find sales representatives who are well acquainted with the platform


  • An expensive software
  • To yield the maximum out of the software one has to keep paying for add-ons
  • Software configuration and setup is complex and time consuming
  • Requires intensive learning

Supported Modules when migrating from Salesforce to ZOHO

  • Users
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Notes
  • Activities (Tasks, Events, Calls)
  • Attachments
  • Invoices
  • Vendors
  • Price Books
  • Contacts
  • Deals
  • Campaigns
  • Competitor
  • Cases
  • Solutions
  • Products
  • Quotes
  • Sales/Purchase Orders

MS Dynamics to ZOHO CRM

Trusted by countless businesses across the globe, ZOHO is a smarter and better alternative to MS Dynamics.

Artificial Intelligence

ZOHO’s conversational AI for sales ZIA is a round the clock assistant. This feature is present in MS Dynamics on additional charges upon integration with Cortana.

Integration with G Suite/Gmail/Google Ads

Present in ZOHO and in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales on additional charges along with requirement of external connectors.

Lead+Deal protection & Data Storage

Present in unlimited format from ZOHO’s professional edition and in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales in limited format across all editions.

Multichannel customer engagement (SalesSignals)

Present in ZOHO, not in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales

Inbuilt Telephony & Integration with Gmail

Present in ZOHO, not in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales.

Sales activity gamification (Gamescope)

Present in ZOHO, not in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales.

SuiteCRM to ZOHO

SuiteCRM is known to fit companies of all sizes and supports an opportunity of the systems’ on-demand and on-premise versions. Speaking of ZOHO CRM, its functionality satisfies the needs of all business forms and scales. The platform stands out for its feature rich inventory management and document sharing. The software allows the user/sales teams to use visitor tracking and email analytics to identify prospective clients and the right opportunities for engagement.

Migrate data from other CRMs

Migrating data from PipeDrive, Highrise, Insightly or Hubspot to ZOHO can be done for a maximum of three times only. Also, their APIs and Instance URL are used during the migration. Our ZOHO specialists check each and every file for data accuracy upon completion of the importing process apart from adhering to other protocols.

Migration from any platform to ZOHO is not only smooth but accurate with us!

Migrating to ZOHO Made Easy