Get More Business Leads Through Zoho CRM

Getting more leads and impress them with the brand and adding them to the brand family is the stepping-stone in revenue generation. For any CRM, it is important to see how it handles sales pipelines, prioritize emails and follow-up with leads through analytics & context.

What is the difference between ERP and CRM?

Well talking about leads generation, Zoho CRM helps you to convert every visitor into a genuine lead followed by a sales conversion. There are various integrations available in Zoho CRM that assist businesses in prospecting, leads, and sales conversion. Let us explore how Zoho CRM helps business.

Lead Generation

The exigent demands of generating leads can be fulfilled when your CRM helps in personalizing a strategy to engage the viewer on your website. This engagement forms, a popup should be diligent, as it should create the excitement for your brand rather irritating the viewer by appearing multiple time. Zoho provides the signup form on the website, which consists of a short questionnaire about their interest, requirement, and preference.

These forms work wonders in increasing the lead count. These On-spot forms give you a vivid idea about customer demand and help you in your sessions, planning modules or campaign; also, it has several sessions that you can use as per the requirements. A pop-up appears after some scrolling or when viewer press the back button to keep up user on track towards brand. It collects the viewer details that helps to create the following-

  • This adds them to the target list and sends them communication regarding different offers and campaign.
  • Zoho CRM helps to collect the details of the customer who showed interest in your events.
  • These are the potential leads, which can turn into a loyal customer if approached with the good deals and service.
  • You can even sync your CRM with Zoho Marketing Hub to reach and fetch the lead details from the different business application.

Lead Nurturing

These days, generating leads is increasingly onerous. Converting them in the sales is another uphill battle. It demands bond between lead and brand. Zoho gives the option to add a personal touch in the customer journey. It circulates personal email notification, pop-ups, and a text message about the relevant deals on the bases of visitor search on your website. It provides multiple dropdowns and drags on the same page with the campaign offer. SMS campaign helps the brand to reach their leads with most alluring offers that are hard to resist. These result in more signup and creating a positive impact.

Lead Scoring

Leads are like infants in business that needs to be foster in the required amount. Our ZohoCRM helps to tag the leads with a set of decided scores so the team will identify the genuine leads. It helps the team to find out the nurture lead and work accordingly. These scores are decided by the organization based on details provided by the viewer, their interaction on different communication channels so they can do filtration as per need. It also allows tracking the activity of viewers, like how frequently they are visiting the same page or enquiring about service, ratios of reply on mails, etc. It allows the organization to strategize a lead-nurturing series based on the assigned score. Which helps to keep tracks and create a bond with the customer.

Lead Stages

Apart from giving the score, ZohoCRM categorizes the leads by placing them on different stages. This classifies leads on a different level on judging them based on information and interaction with the brand. The organization can analyze the need for different stage lead, customize the campaign, and offer accordingly. This helps you to pull out the comparison report on leads and converted sale for different stages, so you can strategies accordingly.

Lead Insight

Converting leads into sale requires the combination of strategizing and execution. Your team needs to analyze the campaign performance based on lead conversion so they can modify the approach. It gives a comparison of lead growth on a different platform so you can judge the performing source. ZohoMarketting Hub makes you aware of the count of leads in each stage. It measures the website goals, like several visits, clicks, forms. ZohoCRM provides the monthly report of lead performance and left target to achieve. It puts the target at the specific stage based on the information so your team can nurture them with customized offers and deals on service. Your team can put various filter on this information and plan future marketing modules.

Zoho CRM for Lead Management

A Look at Zoho CRM Integrations for Lead Management

Be Notified with a Lead Alert

You can integrate your website with ZohoCRM to keep track of different leads activity on the website. CRM keeps you updated with the lead by sending you a notification about their score and activity so you can judge when they are ready to convert in the sale.

Send Relevant Email Communication

You can sync contact records with our integration. You specify them in the group and send the highly inclined campaigns automatically. You can also see the campaign history with customer interaction so you can determine how well your campaign worked.

Feed Campaign is Never Been This Easy

Our Zoho CRM integration gives you option to divide your email-marketing list as per your need. You can define the time period and specific templates of emails and also able to get details of click on mentioned links.

Easy Marketing Process

Our ZohoCRM integration allows you to access and save the data of customer journey with the brand. Therefore, you can do certain activities to improve and make this journey hassle-free.

Zoho CRM Lead Magnet Plugin for WordPress

In this data-oriented world, your CRM needs to be well integrated with your website, so it can fetch every viewer details to turn them into leads and sales afterward. The Zoho CRM Lead Magnet plugin for WordPress allows you to create web forms asking for important details, attach them in the website using WordPress. It automated captures the lead on the basis on the website.

Integrate with Typeform

The ZohoCRM integration allows you to connect the Typeform to your CRM so you set the required field and target the viewer you want to send this form to.

Manage Sales/Leads with LinkedIn

Linkedin Sales Navigator allows you to access your lead’s LinkedIn information in your CRM also you can approach them on the same platform. As we live in a virtual world where the customer is active on their social media the whole time, which proves social media platform to be the best approach for the leads and create a bond, exciting them about the brand and converting them into a loyal customer.

Outgrow Quiz Friendly Integration

You can use Zoho CRM integration to update the contact details through Outgrow quiz with ZOHO. You just need to login in outgrowing and you will find the option in Setting section of the account. After connecting CRM with outgrowing account you can add new contacts, edit from selected outgrow quiz.

Lead Feeder for Quality Leads

You can integrate Zoho to lead feeder by which you can download the information directly from lead feeder to ZohoCRM. Your sales team can get the contact details, lead activity directly from Zoho and in providing the insights of website campaign performance in ZohoCRM. Zoho integration connects the CRM with a different app to get the details regarding the area of interest, the requirement, their approach to various websites and pages and helps brand to provide real-time assistance to their lead via chat or over the call, which make the sales process spontaneous and easy.

Why to consults with our expert?

At Advanz101, our doyen Zoho CRM integration team will help you during the setup and even customizing the integration as per your company’s need. They take their time to analyze the pattern of lead generation from the various platform, offers you best-suited integration, and are available with you on every twist and turn of sales. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get Zoho-lic, and our expert is just a call away.

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