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Salesforce CPQ Solutions for Faster Sales Turnarounds

Adapt, scale, and transform your business forever with our Salesforce CPQ solutions. ADVANZ101 is a specialized offshore Salesforce CPQ development provider with niche competency to enable a successful quote-to-billing journey for any Australia based business, irrespective of its scale or type.  

Salesforce CPQ  is an efficiency enhancing sales tool for companies to smoothly and accurately generate quotes for orders. CPQ applications often work in line with CRM platforms, ERP programs, and other business technology, ensuring accurate data integration. 

Unique Benefits

Salesforce CPQ Australia is one of our key service area and we aim to deliver the following benefits with our bespoke solutions

  • 35% efficiency improvement in business operations 
  • 25% increase in upselling and cross-selling 
  • 40% increased client satisfaction 
  • 20% increased speed to execute revenue recognition 

Services In-focus

Salesforce CPQ is a necessary element for a business’ sales arsenal, but if a business is using legacy quote generators, revenue growth is outpacing the ability to operate, and having a recurring revenue stream is being aimed at then deploying Salesforce CPQ becomes an absolute essential. In order to achieve sales efficiency and other important organizational goals we offer the following Salesforce CPQ Australia services:

  • Product, price order configuration and quote generation  
  • Data migration of products, price books etc.  
  • Proposal Generator and Proposals integration with DocuSign  
  • Creation and management of Salesforce Sales Contracts  
  • E-signature integration  
  • High level of invoicing process automation  
  • Subscription Billing Management  
  • Payment collection and management   
  • Varied tax systems management  
  • Salesforce CPQ and Billing for Salesforce Communities  
For contract amendments in Salesforce CPQ, we offer a wide spectrum of services that diagnose and resolve issues when dealing with subscription products, generating quotes for changes to an existing subscription/contract, and coming up with simpler ways to amend contracts. Choose your need from the following and we will get back with the best resolution
#1 Contract Reconfiguration
  • Upgrade to new, return existing product with price increase 
  • Upgrade to new, return existing product with price change 
  • Partial return and with price adjustment 
#2 Partial Renewal of Contract
#3 Upgrade to Contract
  • Subscription upgrade with no price change 
  • Subscription upgrade with price increase 
#4 Service License Agreement (SLA) Change
  • SLA change with no price change 
  • SLA change with price increase 
#5 Discount Changes
  • Increase in contractual discount 
  • Increase in additional discount 
  • Decrease in additional discount 
  • Decrease in contractual discount 
#6 Term and Quality Changes
  • Increase term and quantity 
  • Increase term and quantity at new rate 
  • Decrease term and/or quantity with full credit 
  • Decrease term and/or quantity with partial credit 
  • Increase term and quantity with partial increase in subscription rate 
#7 Term Changes
  • Increase term 
  • Increase at new rate 
  • Decrease term at full credit 
  • Decrease term at partial credit 
#8 Quantity Changes
  • Increase at same rate 
  • Increase at new rate 
  • Decrease with full credit 
  • Decrease with partial credit 

Salesforce CPQ 101

  • What is Salesforce CPQ?

CPQ Salesforce, or Configure, Price, Quote software by Salesforce is about making the complex processes of selling simpler and streamlined. It is an optimizing sales tool that helps formalize pricing and rules, and establishes standardization from the start to the finishing point of the quote generation process.

  • What is Salesforce CPQ?How does Salesforce CPQ increase the bottom line?

It increases the bottom line by reducing the number of quotes with configuration and pricing errors, increases forecast errors, brings down the time required to generate a quote, decreases time from quote to close by 20%.

  • Will Salesforce CPQ be profitable for your business?

Salesforce CPQ hastens the sales process and also leads to customer loyalty, be it B2B or B2C by treating a consumer like an individual rather than a mere number. Salesforce CPQ implementation results in increased revenues and efficiency by bringing together customer data in a centralized platform which is accessible 24×7 in real time. Salesforce customer testimonials show a significant return on their investment after using Salesforce CPQ.

  • Choose ADVANZ101 Salesforce CPQ Solutions to
  • Automate invoicing and payments process  
  • Process amendments and prorations during acquisitions  
  • Create quick and accurate quotes and proposals   
  • Remove errors in proposals, quotes, orders, contracts, and invoices 
  • Configure the perfect SFDC CPQ solutions suited to your customer’s needs and Australia’s business environment 
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