Service Cloud

Upgrade Customer Experiences with Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud Salesforce is essentially built on Salesforce Customer 360 and helps businesses provide smarter, faster, and personalized services to their customers. Salesforce Service Cloud helps automate day-to-day service processes, streamlines customer service workflows to transform the customer service agent experience entirely.

With Service Cloud, connecting with customers across multiple touchpoints and channels from any device and any place is far easier and more doable now. Salesforce Service Cloud can be configured as per the needs of a particular industry, call center, or a customer help desk.

The key to Service Cloud unlocks

Faster, Smarter Customer Service – Omni-Channel Support – Increased Agent Productivity

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Features Enhancing Customer Service

Service Cloud implementation brings out the following functionalities for businesses to deliver industry-leading customer service

  • It transforms your call center into a holistic customer engagement center, helping agents deliver support from all channels
  • Eases self-service by reforming the customer portal with tools that enable customers to self-diagnose their issues
  • New customer patterns or trends can be discovered via insights that can be turned into engaging customer experiences
  • It also allows access to vital information for employees to deliver at above-average productivity levels
  • It allows swift delivery of in-app services with Snap-ins that allows embedding Service Cloud features in native apps and web page

Service Cloud’s Toolset

  • Case Management – a feature
  • Automation – a feature
  • Self-Service – an add-on
  • Field-Service – an add-on
  • Digital Engagement – an add-on
  • Digitize the Contact Center – a product

Services In-focus

For Salesforce Service Cloud Services in Australia we provide the following services

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Development
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Optimization
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Custom Applications Development
  • Salesforce Service Cloud 3rd Party Integrations
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Custom Report Development

Salesforce Service Cloud 101

How can the Salesforce Service Cloud help my business?

Salesforce Service Cloud helps make the customer service smooth by giving customer agents the tools to deliver faster and more productively which not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces costs. This increases customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

How does Salesforce Service Cloud multiply agent productivity?

The Salesforce Lightning Console, an intrinsic part of the Service Cloud was designed keeping in mind agent productivity. It has features such as email to case, skills-based routing, macros, and milestone tracking, to give agents the tools to quickly and efficiently respond to customers on any and all channels.

Which Service Cloud edition is appropriate for my business?

There are a variety of ways to customize Service Cloud, and cloud service providers in Australia work with businesses to build a complete CRM customer service solution that addresses business needs, is scalable, and fosters innovate. Beginning with Service Cloud Enterprise Edition, it is a comprehensive solution that delivers the Lightning Console a multichannel view of cases, CTI integration, call scripting, knowledge management, developer tools, and more. And with Unlimited Edition, you’ll receive access to unlimited online training, 24/7 toll-free support, and over 100 admin services. With Performance Edition, businesses can maximize performance across service and sales because it is a fully integrated sales and service solution built on the Salesforce.

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