Salesforce Health Cloud

Drive Efficiencies in Health Sector with Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is one of the leading global CRM platforms dedicated to the healthcare sector bringing together clinical and nonclinical customer data to drive efficiency in a healthcare setup. It brings back focus on customer-first health experiences and ensures excellent sales and service delivery. With the Health Cloud in place, health business workflows get automated and cross-department collaboration becomes easier. 

When clinical data is connected with other factors like social determinants and patient’s preferences, the patient is automatically placed at the center of care. Operational costs are also lowered when a patient’s journey from enrollment to care management and beyond is automated.  

Beneficiaries of Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud improves outcomes and lowers costs for the following stakeholders within the healthcare sector 

  • Payers
  • Providers
  • Pharma
  • MedTech
  • Public Sector Health

Unique Benefits

As a Salesforce Health Cloud Australia partner, our Health Cloud implementation will yield the following benefits

  • Connects disjointed teams/departments to strengthen patient relationships.
  • Helps in the assessment of patient needs and accordingly deliver customized interventions.
  • Personalizes member and healthcare provider experiences.
  • Streamlines processes from pharmaceutical R&D to commercialization all the while lowering costs and enhancing efficiencies.
  • For medical technologies sector, it helps drive transparency across the value chain.
  • Leads to optimization of government health programs and lowers the cost to serve healthcare at a national scale.

Services In-focus

We provide the following Health Cloud solutions for businesses in Australia as a Salesforce Health Cloud Development Partner

  • Salesforce Health Cloud Solution Architecture
  • Salesforce Health Cloud Development and Customization
  • Patient 360 Management
  • Patient Intake Process Solutions
  • Care Assessments Solutions
  • Salesforce integration with EMR/EHR
  • Salesforce Health Cloud Reporting Solutions

Salesforce Health Cloud 101

What are the different Salesforce Health Cloud Editions available?

Enterprise Edition – An out-of-the-box CRM for healthcare and life sciences 
Unlimited Edition – Offers unlimited CRM power and support for healthcare and life sciences 
Life Sciences Enterprise Edition – An out-of-the-box CRM catering only to life sciences 
Life Sciences Unlimited Edition – Offers unlimited CRM power and support just for life sciences

What are the related solutions that Salesforce Health Cloud offers?

Benefits sales and administration by converting renewals smoothly and retaining memberships. Encourages distribution management, provider network management, medication management, unified health scoring, rebate management, advanced therapy management catered towards managing additional patient capacity, OmniStudio Solutions and Business Rules Engine for managing additional calls.

Can I have an assortment of Health Cloud, Sales and Service Cloud for different team members in the same organization?

Yes, customers have the flexibility to purchase industry products along with other Salesforce products like Sales or Service Cloud. As a Salesforce Health Cloud Australia partner, our sales representatives shall guide you on what products are suited for your organization.

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