Part Ease


Contract Renewal in Parts Made Easy


Introducing the functionality of Partial Renewal for the user to renew the Service Contract by selecting a few specific Contract Lines that the user wanted to renew.

App Type

Lightning Platform (Custom quick action Button)

App Profile

PartEase is an easy-to-install app for Salesforce CRM. Users can partially renew a Service Contract by selecting the Contract Line Items available in the same account.

App Background

The native Salesforce CPQ allows users to renew Service Contracts. However, with the limitation that they cannot renew selected contract lines as per their need, the entire Service Contract is renewed.

PartEase app allows users to do partial renewal of Service Contract by manually selecting the specific contract lines they want to renew. With PartEase, customers can now renew Contract Lines from different Service Contracts associated with the same account per their needs.

User Profile

This app is for all those markets and businesses using Service Cloud CPQ with subscription-based products and Contract management. Also, those who want to apply Renewal operations on the Service Contracts.

App Highlights

  • User can Partially renew a Service Contract by choosing Contract Line Items to be renewed at a specific time.
  • User can even select Contract Line Items of other Service Contracts in the same account.
  • To ease Contract Line selection, users can use Filters to choose Contract Line Items based on different parameters.
  • A line, once renewed, will be marked ‘Do not Renew’ to avoid duplicate renewal.
  • Multiple renewals of a Service Contract can be performed with different subscription terms.

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