Value Based Care

Bolster Value-Based Care with Salesforce Health Cloud

Understanding Value-Based Care 
Health Cloud (and other products in the Salesforce ecosystem) are used by providers who want to offer value-based care to streamline operations, enhance health outcomes, and personalise experiences. To satisfy patient expectations, healthcare providers must implement cutting-edge technology like Health Cloud as demand for value-based treatment and transparency in healthcare rises. 

Healthcare setups and organizations can seamlessly transition to a value-based care model with our solutions for Salesforce Health Cloud. 

The usual non-clinical patient needs listed below can be taken into account to provide a comprehensive solution in a value-based healthcare system. All of these seek to produce better health outcomes. 

  • Health-related information and self-management training
  • Inexpensive medication availability
  • Coordination of care between providers
  • Service availability for psychological counselling
  • Help navigating the healthcare system
  • Access to nutritious food and other necessities of life
  • Assistance with behaviour management and lifestyle modification

Healthcare practitioners now have access to all the tools, information, and resources they require to engage with patients in meaningful ways, thanks to Salesforce Health Cloud. Highlights consist of:

  • History of patient appointments
  • Patient health circumstances
  • AI-generated patient insights
  • Current treatments and past medication use
  • Patient contact preferences

Niche areas can be found and workflows for the same can be customised/configured within Salesforce Health Cloud in order to construct and design a comprehensive solution to handle non-clinical needs.  

The value-based healthcare delivery approach rewards healthcare professionals according to patient outcomes. In comparison to more conventional healthcare models that do not track results, value-based care can also save operational expenditures. This is how Health Cloud enables value-based care 

  • Makes the provider business model efficient and fully optimized
  • Provides a 360-degree patient view
  • Enables comprehensive patient engagement
  • Fosters calibrated patient relationships via remote healthcare
  • Keeps all stakeholders on the same level to provide the best possible patient care
  • Ensures HIPAA Compliance

The platform can also integrate with other systems to enable safe data exchange between institutions and healthcare providers. Salesforce Health Cloud can be used to build a comprehensive solution for enhancing and supplying holistic health outcomes by utilizing the platform’s strong features and customization capabilities. 

Transform Your Practice with the Power of Health Cloud