What Does Marketing Need From CRM?


“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself- Peter Drucker

Marketing is about how well you connect the customer with your company. You need to be prepared to look after their needs, taking feedback and working to improve service to convert every lead into a sale and every sale into a loyal customer.

Is CRM really helpful?

The strategy and tactics to achieve customer satisfaction sounds like a giant chinese whisper, without a tool like CRM. CRM support marketing as it deals with customer journey, previous promotional campaigns information, and customer pre and post service experience. With all this information, the team just need to prioritize the work accordingly. CRM improves the customer base of an organization by well-organized and constructive marketing. It will help you to collect all the information about customer lifetime journey you need and follow the procedure you require. It helps your marketing team to optimize the strategies by investing more on what’s working and less on what’s not. It is associated with a different marketing strategy, which promises to deliver better results and getting a quick return of your investments. It also enhances the response rates in different marketing campaigns, gives the opportunity to be more efficient with promotion cost and provide scrutiny on investments.

To understand the reasons why marketing team needs CRM, let us explore further in the article.

CRM features much needed for marketing


Social media is the best platform to engage more customers simultaneously. In this, CRM deals with the combination of SMM and CRM. The system offers you the required creativity to endorse the brand to the customer in multiple ways. It monitors the activity of the existing and former customers and the best platform to look out for competitors. It minimizes the distance between customer and brand by real-time interaction, which helps to get more CSats. Social CRM feature engages with customer and monitors on what their customers tell others about the brand. It is more of a customer-centric approach in which customer questions and queries are answered on a real-time basis.


Reaching customers via email is the best option as it is a more personal and convenient way for the customer to know about your brand. CRM has tools to enable this option for you so you don’t need to invest on a separate platform. It sends mass mail at schedule time including newsletter, ongoing promotion details, re- engaging customer and so onIt provides the features like automated email, which is used to send a gentle reminder to a potential customer every time they click on the link mentioned in the mail or leave something in the cart to purchase on the website. It helps the customer handling team by providing mail templates for every possible scenario and gives the option to send a custom message and notifying them whenever any customer approaches via mail.


When call center software give you the option to make and receive calls, keep their tracks and generates the interactive voice recorders. Call CRM enables the team to acquire the details of customer at one place to continue with the thing where it left so customers don’t have to repeat themselves every time they contact you. It helps to keep track of every call, missed call, action taken on calls to give a proper resolution. Also, this is a better way to promote brand by calling a potential customer to inform about services, ongoing offers and plan and there is more opportunity to convert a lead into a sale. Moreover, it assists in maintaining healthy relations with customers resulting in more retention and sales growth.

Text Messages

CRM allows marketing team to send bulk messages to their customers on scheduled time based on customer’s time zone. It is used to describe them the new offers, schemes, their order summary, and upcoming promotional events. It is more of a personal and efficient approach to the customer.

Chat Features

Customer deserves to get constant attention whenever they need, without passing through any hurdle. CRM enables chat process, which promotes timesaving and uninterrupted interaction between company and customer. Similar to calling CRM, chat feature enables the team to see past information of customer journey and provides the appropriate resolution as per the concern.


This is like behind the picture process. This feature is very important to plan the marketing strategy. This analyzes the customer’s activity on the internet, area of interest and their needs so the company can approach the customer with relevant deals and offers. This helps in accumulating different information of customer like their preferred brands, payments, financial history, and their response on different promotional campaigns, frequency of using different service and products and so forth.


It doesn’t matter how many leads generated in promotion campaign if it’s not converted in to sales. It comprises the data of customers who visited the website and who actually purchased something which also helps to keep track of return of investment on different campaign.

CRM Can Boost Marketing Results!

What we bring to the table?

We understand choosing the right and best CRM suited to your business is a troublesome task. The important factor you need to focus on is not only the features, but how marketing team will be benefited by any CRM. The above mentioned features would help to decide the strategy and hit the target crowd at the right time. CRM helps marketing in bringing products and services faster to the market and hitting the potential client. If you are confused about the features your marketing team need or unsure how a CRM would help, connect with Advanz101 Business Systems Inc.

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