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When you opt for a new CRM system leaving behind the legacy systems, the most important consideration is migration of data from existing system to the new system. Advanz101 Business Systems INC offer CRM data migration services for clients who wish to migrate from existing systems to the latest CRM solutions such as Zoho, Sugar, Suite, Salesforce etc. Our team of CRM experts view data migration services as a new CRM implementation with data migration.

For us, the key driver for any CRM project is providing a system that is simplified and aligned well with the defined roles and business processes ensuring better user adoption. Our team has expertise in CRM data migration, which ensures cost effective data transition from existing to new system. A successful CRM data migration is more than just mapping the data through tools. The data need to be carefully mined from the legacy system. Not only this, some crucial data need transformation to fit to the new CRM system environment. Many a time, the legacy systems have flat data format, which needs to be structured and then migrated to the new system, making information more meaningful and insightful.

Our CRM Data Migration Expertise

  • Zoho CRM migration to Other CRM
  • Salesforce CRM migration to Other CRM
  • MS Dynamics CRM to Other CRM
  • Open Source CRM (SuiteCRM and SugarCRM) to Other CRM
  • On Premises to CRM Migration

Why Migrate CRM Data?

  • Work efficiency by saving time
  • Cost effective
  • Avoid CRM deployment delays
  • Better and ROI
  • Maximized CRM benefits

Our CRM data migration process comprises of a detailed analysis of source database, identification of data destination (to see if any customization is required), data extraction, data preparation, and then initiating data migration.

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