Salesforce Health Cloud: A Cloud Solution Changing Pharma Industry

Salesforce Health Cloud: A Cloud Solution Changing Pharma Industry

Salesforce health cloud is a cloud-based software solution that helps manage patient data. It combines patient data from disparate sources into a single view. Through personalized engagement, it empowers the pharma sector by:

  • Humanizing the physician and patient experience
  • Forming a mutual trust

Salesforce Health Cloud is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. It is crucial for companies who need to protect sensitive patient data. Likewise, it is also available on mobile devices. It makes suitable for busy healthcare specialists who need to access patient data on the go.

Such features can benefit pharma companies looking to streamline operations and manage the patient’s data in the most effective manner. In the following sections, we will take a closer look at how the Salesforce health cloud can help a pharma industry to focus on good patient engagement.

How Salesforce Health Cloud helps Pharma companies?

The Salesforce Health Cloud can be handy for pharmaceutical companies. It offers a unified picture of patient data as per the HIPAA. It also allows for integration with third-party applications. Thereby, it become a versatile tool for managing patient data.

Further, it lay emphasis on value-based outcomes. The given cloud solution is enhancing security on prices of medicine by combining patient data into a single view. With it, they can reduce the chances of giving wrong drugs to the patients.

In addition, it offers patient support and disease management programs:

  • Patient support permits chemists to keep track of a patient’s medical chart. They ensure that patient to be part of therapeutic programs to get best drugs to cure them at fast pace.
  • Disease management helps physicians to track patients with chronic conditions. It assures that doctors can offer the perfect medicine to cure serious illness of patients.

So, pharma companies can use it to improve their operations. They receive support from Salesforce health cloud to:

  • Manage customer relationships
  • Keep track of customer health data
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • Drive team collaborations to accelerate innovations
  • Improve customer service
Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud in Pharma Sector

Using the given cloud solution, pharma companies can focus on the following:

a. Gather accurate information from patients

A pharma business can collect crucial data on product complaints and prior approvals. It assists them to analyze the data and report it to deliver accurate patient health results.

b. Personalization of Patient Experience

Salesforce health cloud helps pharmacy firms to gain better insight via Predictive Intelligence system. When combined with its case management capabilities, pharma companies can now have a direct understanding of where their patients are in their recovery journey. It also helps in providing a more personalized experience.

c. Streamline compliance

Prior authorizations, patient sign-ups, and achievement tracking enable patients to get medications quickly. They serve as a starting point for scaling up treatment-specific initiatives to lower operational costs while improving quality of the medicine offered to the consumers.

Features that make Salesforce Health Cloud Unique to Pharma

Salesforce health cloud will see continued growth and popularity in the pharma sector. It is due to the many benefits that it offers to save time and provide exact medicine to the people as per their prescription. Further, it is set to become an even more powerful tool for managing patient data and address the unique needs of pharma sector. They will make the system more user-friendly, allowing companies to take advantage of its full potential.

There are several unique features of Salesforce health cloud that make it favorable for pharma.

One of the most anticipated features is the “Product Catalog” feature. It allows pharma companies to catalog their products in a central location. Through it, sales reps and other employees can find and use the data they need. It will also contain product information from third-party sources, such as FDA approval status and clinical trial data. Thus, the management can take better product marketing decisions about their products.

Another expected feature is an improved “Clinical Trials” feature. It will make easier for pharma businesses to track and manage clinical trials. It will also provide more detailed information about clinical trials, such as trial results and patient recruitment rates. In addition, they can check the efficacy of their clinical trials. Afterwards, making necessary adjustments to improve trial outcomes will be easy.

The improved “Patient Journey” feature will also aid pharma sectors. It offers a more detailed view of the patient journey, from initial diagnosis through treatment and follow-up care. Using it, they can track patients across multiple channels, such as online forums, social media, and phone calls. Besides, assessing the patient’s engagement with their brand and the support they seek will be simple.

With these improvements, Salesforce Health Cloud will become an indispensable tool for managing patient data and improving patient engagement for pharma companies.

After Thought

Pharma companies are investing greatly in technology to improve operational efficiency and get the best health outcomes. With a comprehensive view of patients’ data and system unification, the Salesforce health cloud enables them to meet the demands of patients for data access and personalization at a large scale.

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