Salesforce Health Cloud: The Dream towards Building Patient Relationships and Not Just Records


Salesforce Health Cloud is a virtual assistant platform that helps healthcare providers build a better link with patients. It provides a 360 view of every patient for the healthcare providers. Besides, it assists them in analyzing the data it gathers on patients. In that way, they can understand their needs and behavior.  

It also helps hospitals to create a system for sharing patient information across units to track the progress of treatments or recoveries. 

Previously, hospitals did manual records of patients. It was manual and challenging for them. When data got lost, its recovery was negligible. Nowadays, everything is now in automation mode. Moreover, the stress is more on building cordial relations than manual recording.  

The article focuses on how the Salesforce healthcare cloud creates mutual rapport for the speedy delivery of healthcare services. Let’s move forward:  

What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

It is a patient relationship management platform that health service providers use for: 

  • Proper management of health-based record 
  • Use high-tech facilities to secure the personal record of patients  

Thus, it is a unique online stage for cultivating a powerful bond between doctors, patients, and hospital administrators.  

How Salesforce Health Cloud is moving Beyond Records?
I. Salesforce Health Cloud provides a 360 view of every patient

It is a cloud-based CRM solution offering an all-round view of the patient’s health. Further, it connects the dots between patients, caregivers, and care teams. It also provides an integrated view of the following 

  • Medical records – These contain lab results, medications, and other data about patient’s health management 
  • Insurance companies – It provides real-time views of pending by insurance companies  
  • Patients’ family members – It offers notifications about appointments or changes related to the condition of the patients  

Furthermore, it also gives hospitals and healthcare providers better insights into patient needs and behaviors.  

II. Make Smarter Patient Care Decisions

Salesforce Health Cloud aids you in evaluating your patient’s behavior and liking. Besides, it is vital to optimize care delivery by finding potential opportunities before upgrading. How? Let’s see: 

  • Rather than non-stop switching, physicians can make decisive patient care decisions directly from the console. They can explore the individual patients and act in at a fast pace. 
  • They inspect internal debates among patients using built-in Salesforce Chatter to ensure better alliance across the care network.  
  • Healthcare professionals can manage specific patients suffering by reminding them through regular check-ups.
III. Permits Hospitals for Deep Conversion with Patients

Many experts believe that the health cloud Salesforce allows hospitals to examine patient information through an exciting feature of Salesforce: Private communities.  

Is it an essential feature for hospitals? How?  It helps physicians to know their patients and their wishes. Moreover, it will help them to fulfill their desires to improve the health performance of the people.  

In that way, do healthcare centers engage with customers? Through Salesforce Health Cloud via: 

  • It allows patients to talk using channels they prefer, such as SMS, live video chats, or messaging platforms like WhatsApp 
  • It permits the e-storage and upkeep of patient records. Thus, retrieving the patient’s info from remote locations is easy. 
  • It connects all high-tech devices and platforms to combine patient data. Companies that provide smartphone services can collect detailed patient info for better engagement. 
  • It automates the registration and feedback processes. A high satisfaction rate among customers turns them into terrific brand advocates. The feedback system is critical for any brand to determine: 
  • What works for patients 
  • How to enhance services 
IV. Easy Integration of Health Cloud with Legacy Systems

Some unique advantages of the Salesforce platform: 

  • It has high flexibility  
  • It connects with older systems.  

So, no need to panic about switching to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) and e-health record (EHR) system. It’s because Salesforce Health Cloud can integrate easily with your company’s existing one. 

How is it beneficial?  

It gives hospitals access to real-time information about patient behaviors. Thus, they can make informed decisions about actions and services based on individual’s situation. So, they can avoid it via an arbitrary set of guidelines within the same chain of command (e.g., primary care physicians). 

Therefore, it extends legacy systems by combining patient records with information from other sources to create complete patient profiles. There are several legacy systems that many companies offer, such as: 

  • Oracle 
  • SAP 
  • Epic 
  • Allscripts 
V. Bring Revolution in Converting Vision of Proper Healthcare to Reality

To improvise health facilities for leading a good life, Salesforce has made a wise choice in selecting an ecosystem of associations. Also, it enlists a wide range of technology partners for successfully executing the Salesforce platform.  

It will then be crucial in arranging data exchange between various systems. What are the benefits?  

  • Patients who feel their healthcare provider knows them can offer better health results 
  • Businesses will know their customers well and vice-versa. 

The Salesforce Health Cloud is a robust tool that advocates a friendly relationship between physicians and patients. When used correctly, it can improve the health of all patients, both in the short and long term. 

Thus, it is returning to the foundations of medical practice: to evaluate people beyond their reports and ultimately put connections first, reflecting its slogan, “Create patient relationships, not records.”  

At last, enhance your reputation among your patients by providing the best services via a reputed Salesforce health cloud consultant and see stunning results! 

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